From A to Z optimally configured for the employer and the employee!


IRFlex stands for International Recruitment. IRFlex wants to attract personnel from abroad to work legally in the Netherlands. We primarily moderate temporary employees from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Germany.
Are you looking for very motivated and experienced professionals for your company and/or project? Are you looking for a suitable job? IRFlex wants to help you! IRFlex is specialized in moderating jobs in the technical, industrial and logistics sectors. Besides this, we moderate motivated people. IRFlex invests in lasting relationships, hence we moderate in jobs for the longer term.  

IRFlex’ value
IRFlex relieves employers and employees. We accomplish this by providing optimal guidance throughout the entire project.
IRFlex relieves employers by:
  -     recruitment and selection process
  -     reliable and skilled personnel
  -     everything according to Dutch law and regulation
  -     excellent services and supervision of your employees.

IRFlex relieves employees by:
  -    certified housing
  -    excellent supervision
  -    Dutch health insurance
  -    contracts in different languages.
In short: IRFlex provides all items required and is a reliable partner! In this way we look after the interests of all parties involved.
Our way of working is for 100% legal and we guarantee our quality by means of cooperating with reliable and professional organisations.
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